5 Ways to Pray for Your Unsaved Husband

Being unequally yoked can be a very difficult situation to navigate in marriage. Especially if your husband has any hostility toward your faith in God. Being mindful that God alone moves the heart of man will help your perspective. Having the privilege of intercession is something so very profound…you have the opportunity to go before the throne of a Holy God on behalf of your beloved husband. Most likely, no person on this earth will pray for him as you do!Don’t give up, its easy to get discouraged, especially as you watch other couples interact that share a faith and place God in the center of their marriage. Set your heart and mind to pray. The following are some guidelines to help you keep your prayers

1. Salvation

(Romans 10:9-13) Pray that your husband come to know Christ as his savior. God desires that all come to know Him. Of course you desire a Godly marriage and husband, naturally you want to walk through life, decisions and child rearing with a man who shares your faith. However, the bottom line is your husband’s salvation. Eternal salvation is his absolute greatest need and making a decision for Christ will be the greatest decision of his life.

2. Mercy

(Romans 5:8) Pray that God would have mercy on your husband’s soul, that He would woo him to His heart, that He would protect him from the enemy, protect him from himself and the sins that are in his life that could destroy him and his health.

3. That You Would Not Hinder

(Jeremiah 32:17, 26-27) Nothing can thwart the hand of God. God is bigger than all of our mistakes and attempts at controlling a situation. However, pray that the Lord would steady your heart, give you a measure of faith to trust that He is working, that He will pursue your husband. Pray that you do not speak words or react with behavior that gives the message that you are self-righteous. Keep your words few in this area, your responses loving. Pray that your words draw him to Christ, not cause him to pull away.

4. Relationship with the children

(James 3:17-18) Your children will follow your lead. If you show respect to your husband, they are likely to also. Pray that your husband’s heart for his children be softened. Pray for protection against bitterness. Pray that your husband desire a relationship with his children. Teach your children to pray for their father…this is a glorious opportunity to help them understand the privilege and importance of intercessory prayer on the behalf of others.

5. Be willing

(Psalm 42:5) Pray that God uses what ever necessary so that your husband come to know Him. This can be a difficult thing to pray when we fear what this might look like. Keep in mind it is a matter of eternal salvation. The sorrows and trials you experience here on earth are a mere breath compared to all eternity. God is doing what is most loving for all of you. His heart is not to destroy you, His heart is to restore. Be willing to pray that you can surrender your will, your fears, your desires. Nothing can touch you unless God allows it – He is your Protector.

Joy Mcclain
Joy Mcclain

Married to my beloved, Mark, for 27 years and blessed with four awesome kids, one daughter-in-law, and two son-in-laws. Our hearts shot over the moon with joy as we welcomed our first grandchild, Ezra James. We never tire of marveling at what God has done in our lives and continues to do in our hearts! Out of the overflow of that gratitude is a ministry to families – especially couples that are struggling and the newly married.