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Why Forgiveness Isn’t Fair

You remember that day so well. That event. Those words. Those hard years…when the cutting and tearing of your heart began. You remember how you felt; how those raw emotions can be drudged up, creating despair in your soul. You’ve tried to let go, you’ve tried to forget, but the monster of memories come without warning. Maybe you are still there – will it ever stop? Is this what life has become?
You’ve been wounded. Someone has hurt you. Someone may be hurting you at this very moment. You’ve been told that forgiveness is a choice, but maybe it’s a choice you’d rather not make. Forgiving looks too much like letting go and that would mean “they” would be off the hook. Letting go would seem like nothing happened.

7 things vital to your marriage

If I could spare you some pain and confusion young (or older) bride, would you listen to me? Cause this marriage thing really can be good – but it takes work, commitment and it takes realizing that you are two sinners attempting to live together. But if I could zero in on seven things that are vital to your marriage, I’d love to sit you down…face to face, if I could…and share some key areas I’ve experienced in my own life and in the lives of other women that I’ve counseled over the years.